Apply for a Scholarship

cluck’s mission is to fund the training of the next generation of political hopefuls. We accomplish this by giving scholarships to the best political training programs in the country.




Here’s how to receive support:

  1. Complete the application below to notify cluck that you are applying for a political training program.
  2. Apply for your desired political training program. Application fees are your responsibility.
  3. cluck reviews applications on the first Wednesday of every month. For consideration in the next month, please submit your application 7 days prior to the first Wednesday.
  4. cluck will send you a provisional letter of support that is contingent on acceptance into your desired program. Acceptance and funding are not guaranteed.
  5. Notify cluck that you have been accepted into your desired program.
  6. cluck will send you a scholarship check (amount varies per program and availability of funds).
  7. Attend your program.
  8. Tell cluck what your learned & how you will apply it.

In return for cluck’s support, scholarship recipients are asked to sell 10 tickets to cluck’s annual fundraiser.

Once accepted, cluck scholarship recipients are invited into our National network of emerging political leaders. You will also be honored at cluck’s annual Spring scholarship recognition ceremony.

Please apply below to be considered to receive a cluck scholarship.